Re: Diet of wild horses ?

aptly_asked <aptly_asked@...>

Ute wrote:

I am sorry, but this is not what I said - I simple shared an
observation from another person. This is not related to a well designed
research study that has numbers associated with it. You are more than
welcome to dontact the person who shared this information privately for
more feedback.


Then don't "share" stuff like that, because it's not helping. That
person may have made the statement initially, but you repeated it here.
As thus, YOU are responsible for the voracity of your statements that
you make HERE. There are people who are here who need accurate
information, proven facts, not guesses, and heresay. We are working
with hard numbers and occasionally statistically significant "leading
edge" anecdotal evidence. We try to keep the whimsical, fanciful,
amateuristic theorising in the new age horsie forums, not here.


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