Re: Question re BP color after r/s/r

Cindy McGinley

"pennybov" <pennybov@...> wrote:
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My question is: was the BP suppose to turn white? Or was the beige,
and brown color OK? Was it safe to feed to Lilly my Cushings/IR mare?
Yes, that's what it looks like when rehydrated and all the molasses is gone. Yes, rinsed, it is safe to feed to your mare.

Is there a real non-molasses avail that we can trust to feed without
all the rinsing?
No. Sorry.

I did feed about 4 cups of the fluffed up BP with a little more water
added back to Lilly along with her other supplements. She seemed to
really like it.
You're lucky that she likes it! That's half the battle! :-)

- Cindy and Alf (and entourage) in NY

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