Re: Was: Reliability of Thyroid Testing in Horses? Now: long coat

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kimgedckewagner wrote:
Not having seen all of the threads that lead up to this one, so I'm sure I'm taking this out of context, but is it really lack of body temperature regulation that causes excess hair growth? Thought it had to do with length of day?

Next question....any confirmed cushings horse out there that shed out regularly? Any IR horses that report extremely heavy coats in the winter but shed out normally?

Kim & CG


Sure ... why not take things out of context ... I am. I'm doing some Q&D R&D to figure it out right now, but so far no luck.

We had to trim our pony in the late spring. She would shed out a bit (when on Pergolide), but she still had that unique, long, wavy, dense, thick, woolly, ... (slaps self to stop) coat. Granted that the coat would grow in the fall with the shortening of the day and the increase in cold, but even when we blanketed her for the winter, she still grew that cushingoid coat. Early on pre-diagnosis by about a decade, she was shedding out her winter coat later and later and later until she didn't anymore, or at least not completely.


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