Re: Was: Reliability of Thyroid Testing in Horses? Now: long coat



Well, add this strange one to your files/research. 20+ yr old
gelding, confirmed IR, negative for cushings 3-4+ yrs ago via dex
suppression, will retest via ACTH this coming month.

I've owned him since he was 3, and he's always had a very heavy
winter coat. Always curly around the legs and on top of his butt,
no where else. Develops it about the same time as others on the
farm, is already starting to shed a little bit now. Come March, I
pull the stuff out in hunks. Sleek all spring & summer. I trace
clipped the sucker in October and can't tell now.

Anecdotally, he feels lousy during the fall, and I don't have the
numbers, but am guessing he's experiencing a rise. Will be
interesting to see what the ACTH test results say.

Kim & CG

I'm doing some
Q&D R&D to figure it out right now, but so far no luck.

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