Re: 21-year old pony starting Pergolide-Duffy's Test Results


Hi Eleanor -

Thank you so much for your help - he's been on the Pergolide since
this past Saturday - 1/4 tab per day - I'm adding another 1/4 tab
tonight and will gradually increase to 1 tab per day over the next
week or two to make sure there are no side effects. I will call
Ontario Dehy to see if I can get the timothy balanced cubes - he's on
the Ontario Dehy premium cubes and has been for the past year or so.
He is getting a small handful twice a day of Equine Sr., but just
enough so he eats the pergolide. Do I need to do the emergency diet
for his insulin?

Will keep everyone updated - thanks again -


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His ACTH has risen into a range where I'd definitely get him on
pergolide. That progression probably has a good bit to do with why
insulin is so much higher if there haven't been any dietary changes,
but his insulin last year was high enough to dictate diet control

I've seen much higher ACTH results but he has a baseline IR that is
being aggravated to the point he's at high risk for laminitis.


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