Re: Quivering muscles/chilled horse...

Carlynne Allbee

I agree, if they are shivering, they are cold. Blanket them. As for them playing, and you don't want blankets on them during play....why not? Due to time constraints, I often turn my horses out to play with their day sheets and / or heavy winter blankets on. Does not slow them down, just gets the blankets dirty when they roll, but heck, so what.

I don't live where you do..I am in the San Diego area, but I will suggest this. If your horses are in one area or pasture all the time and it is feasible to do this, figure out where they cosider their bed to be. Fix up the area with shavings where they can lay down and the shavings will give them insulation from the cold coming from the ground. You don't have to keep these shavings clean. The point is to have the shavings between them and the chill the ground will give them. Some horses lay down partially, like a cow at rest, and even then the shavings will help.

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