Re: Quivering muscles/chilled horse...

briarskingstonnet <briars@...>

I agree, if they are shivering, they are cold.
Also they are wet,I think?Or they were when this conversation began.
Depending on the thickness of horses' coats they *can* be wet on the
surface and not at the skin.If you sneak your fingers into the long
coat you can feel it's dry close to the skin.That's to do with the
jobs that the various hairs do in the coat.
BUT,in your case,they sound wet to the skin.A great way to get them
dry again(in my expereince)is to use a hair dryer.Some horses need a
bit of time to get used to the noise,so go slowly.But once they're ok
with it,you can do a nice thorough job.
If you don't have access to a hair dryer but have some fleece
sheets,and are around to change them,you can use these,in the
stable.The moisture moves to the ouside of the fleece as the hairs
dry.You'll see all the drops of moisture on top of the
fleece,exchange it for another(I just use big pieces of stitched-
together remnants I bought at a fabric store years ago),hang it near
a heat source if possible and it will dry quickly.


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