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Kelly Courtney

Thanks to you, Eleanor and Julie, for your helpful advice. I knew blanketing was an option, but like Julie, I didn't want them to actually hurt themselves by catching it onto something and gettting in a bind. I have heard that horses legs can get in the tied areas of the blanket (after it's been loosened during wear/tear) and then if I'm not home, I have no one to look after them for me in case of a possible emergency like that. Maybe the situation would be that the blanket would just tear off of them and all would be fine...not sure. Guess better to take and a chance and blanket them than have them get too cold/shivery. Should I just stall them during an entire raining instance, then let them out when it's dry enough? So some blanket their horses WHILE in stall if too cold or windy out (& possibly wet) or is this just another hazard waiting to happen (especially when you're not home)!

Thanks again (just a little too worried and want them more comfortable/warm),
Kelly C.

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> Kelly,
> If they're shivering, they're cold. The air temperature can fool you
> because a wet horse has greatly reduced tolerance. They need shelter,
> and if they chose not to use it, get wet and start shivering, you need
> to dry them off, keep them out of the rain if they don't have the sense
> to do it themselves, or blanket them.
> Eleanor
Hi kelly,
We live in a very wet and colder( 40- 60 *F) climate at least 6 months
out of the year and while we do not have the low temps like they do in
North Dakota or Canada, the fact that it is wet and raining pretty
much everyday the horses hair clumps down on them they do get colder
and shiver, So we put rain sheets on ours pretty much 9 months out of
the year they still have thick hair coats and we do have thicker
turnouts in the event of a cold snap, but mainly must blanket to
prevent them getting chilled in the wet, plus rain rot can be an issue
here also.

We do go through a few rainsheets evry year or so. year ( I know ...
buy the good ones!! i am told... but I will not pay 200 plus dollars
for somthing I know will be torn up so go with the 60-80 dollar ones
I have had both and they both last about the same amount of time
before getting usless..) they do get pretty torn up, but it prevetns
the chills and rain rot etc....

So if you invest in a couple of water proof turnouts it will help your
horses keep warm and keep weight on for the colder wet months.

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