Re: Quivering muscles-THANKS!



Just a note on blankets, there are many, many different kinds. The
most important thing to consider is whether the blanket has been
designed for turn out. Turn out blankets and turn our sheets or
rain sheets are usually made of tougher materials, and have a water
repellant finish. They also typically have a strap that hooks under
the belly near the girth area, and two rear leg straps. All straps
should be properly adjusted and leg straps should be crossed or
twisted together between the legs.

A regular stable blanket on your horse if it's raining, snowing or
wet will not help. Many blankets do not have leg straps, w/ the
thought being horses aren't as rambunctious in their stalls. Yeah
right :-) I have one gelding that manages to take off his blanket
at night about once a week, much to his owner's discontent and

For what it's worth....

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