Re: Quivering muscles-THANKS!


So some blanket their horses WHILE in stall if too cold or windy out
(& possibly wet) or is this just another hazard waiting to happen
(especially when you're not home)!

Thanks again (just a little too worried and want them more
Kelly C.
Hi again Kelly,
our horses are blanketed pretty much 24/7 and so far we have not had
any trouble with it... turned out toghether alone stalled etc... we do
cross the belly straps and back leg elastics staps are also crossed I
know not everone does this but it keeps them on better IMO.
make sure you measure your horses correctly so they are not too big
and hang too far on the shoulder this can make rubs, and we always
check for blankedt rubs but pretty much they live in blankets durign
the winter spring months, so far so good...

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