pergolide & chasteberry

ponyjackpal <takarri@...>

Hi all
A maybe quick question-is pergolide-( liquid at this stage, I am in
the process of sourcing caps/tabs-) & chasetberry compatatable together?
I have started looking at the files - again for the umpteeth time- but
I just don't have hours to read every post. As Jack (cushings only)
improves & I have to tweak things, it leads me in different areas to
pay attention to. I find that I can absorb things better when I can
relate to them to my situation- as I'm sure is the same with most
So yet again I ask to be steered in the right direction for my latest
learning curve.
PS: Angela- thanks for your blood work info-I think I may have found a
lab here that can do the work-"Gribbles" - I am going to call them t'row
Things just keep getting better(touch wood)
Pauline & Jack( in Oz)
PPS: Suzie in Oz- sorry- sent e-mail before I signed off.

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