Australia contacts update

ponyjackpal <takarri@...>

I have made some progress in source bloodwork etc for OZ.
Gribbles labs can run the required tests
The endogenous ACTH is $161.70, Glucose is $10.89, Insulin is $44 &
Total T4 is $30 ( all in AUS $). In my case I can take the bloods to my
local lab,within 4 hours & chilled- where they will spin down the ACTH
blood & freeze the plasma & then send it all to their main lab ( approx
1.5hrs away) to test. They run the tests every 2nd thursday & would
appreciate notification in advance.

I will update the Oz files once I have had the testing done(have to
save up 1st) in case there is more to add.

As far as the Pergolide goes-
I have found a compounding pharmacist that can make it up into capsules
$145 for 100 x .5mg
$195 for 100 X 1mg
in aus $
they can also make up .25mg & .75mg but I forgot to write the prices
They need a couple of weeks notice to make them up. I still have 2
bottles of liquid pergolide to get through,that I'm not going to waste
so I will investigate this side further later.

How does this compare with your prices?

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