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ALl I can tell you guys is that on even years I faithfully paste
wormed sometimes rotating chemical classes- sometimes strickly
Ivermectin.. and odd years I did the daily wormer (double dosing 2
tubes of Strongid for tapes.

And thought I was controlling tapes and other parasites...

When Parziquantel was approved in the USA- I dosed one of my horses
and he had the symptoms of a large tape worm kill so I'm sure he had
them- as his whole demeamor and appetite was changed forever from
that day on. (He no longer acted starved 100% of the time- and
actually lost some fat-).

In addition I had a horse previously - who passed a tape segement in
his manure .. so I obviously wan't getting them years ago either..

Personally I don't think the double/triple dosing of Strongid gets
tapes.. I had a horse previously who passed a tape segement in his
manure ..

I gave the daily wormer a shot - but

I've gone back to paste wormers and De worming for tapes with
praziquantel twice per year (their life span is about 8 months per

I realize Prazi may not be the best thing for an IR or chushings
horse- so decisions will have to be made on ondividual basis- like
may not wormong during the months you know you have a hormone swing
anyway (Aug/Sept and Feb.)


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Dr. Kellon recommended TapeCarePlus for tapes (which is actually
strongid and even cheaper than buying two tubes of the regular

Right. TapeCare Plus is nothing but double dose pyrantel pamoate.

As for the one month daily dewormer, I did that interview with Dr.
Reinemeyer. The reservation about the daily Strongid dewormer
(pyrantel tartrate) is because it does not have formal FDA approval
as yet. The FDA approval process with dewormers normally includes
postmortem examinations and actual parasite counts. The study
supporting the daily dewormer can be found here:

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