Re: Arnica and its effectiveness, if any

Sandra Su

At 3:13 PM +0000 1/19/08, Linda wrote:
Has oral arnica been of any use in laminitis pain? Is it
specifically contra-indicated?
I can only speak generally, for humans, about its
effectiveness. One time I fell off Penny, and I was quite bruised and
sore. Someone gave me some arnica pills to take -- I forget now for
how long, it was years ago -- and I was skeptical, since I can't
figure out how these things can work. Well, I took it anyway out of
politeness and trying to be openminded. It worked for me about as
well as ibuprofen would have! I was amazed, since I didn't expect it
to work. It could have been a placebo effect, but I was so doubtful
that I'd feel any better from it that I think I can exclude a placebo
effect. Don't you have to believe the placebo is actually the drug
and is working?

Sandy Su

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