Emergency Diet


I jsut sort of rescued a beautiful Friesian mare who is extremely
underweight. The only place she has some weight is in her neck.She was
on free choice Purina Ultium and hay where I picked her up. She also
has arthritis bad so bad she does drag her hind legs. From what her
privious owner has said she has done everything she could do to help
this mare. I have pet her on a joint suplement to try and help her but
she barely eats. I have put her on a carb safe grain and some
probiotics. I also have pet her on a 2nd cut hay as she has started to
eat that a bit better. She had her teeth done and thay are fine for a
17 year old. I am trying to get the vet out to pull blood as I only
picked her up Friday. I just couldn't leave her as she is soo beautiful
and sweet I want to give her a chance. Can someone send me the
emergency diet as I did not receive that when i joined this group?

Thank you and any suggestions or thougths before the vet comes out
would be great.
Kristle and Zjetta

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