Re: Emergency Diet

briarskingstonnet <briars@...>

From what her privious owner has said she has done everything she
could do to help this mare.
D you know what this means exactly,by any chance?
Do you know her worming history?

I also have pet her on a 2nd cut hay as she has started to
eat that a bit better.
Does she have hay available all the time?Is pastur available?(not
sure where you are...)

How have you prepared the beet pulp for her?Some horses like it
sloppier than others.Sometimes warm watr soaks help.
But it does seem true that some just don't like it at all.

Is she ribby,Kristle?She sounds like it from your description.Where
would you put her on the body condition scale?

How is her coat?Shiny?Dull?Heavy?Thin?

Does she live out?Stabled at night?

If we have more details we can help you help her better.

You'll have a better idea of the details after you have time to read
the Files I mentioned.


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