Re: hay results

briarskingstonnet <briars@...>

Hi Pauline,

Therefore here they are for anyone to look at:
I'm only a fledgling at this compared to the 'gurus', but here is
what I would do if it were mine.
This would be feeding Jack 9 pounds of hay a day though,and I'm not
sure if that is in line with what you are doing now? It's also
feeding 2% of BW ,which I *think* is 200kg/440 pounds for him.
So if those details aren't correct we'd fine tune it accordingly.
That being said I would want to add the following to this hay:

Ca - 7g
Zn - 375 mg
Cu - 120mg
Mn - 210mg
Vit E - 880IU
I - 250mg
Se - 1.5-2mg

I have to get back to the stable,but I hope this at least gives you
an idea.If I'm off base someone will catch it for us.


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