Blitzen in Colorado

Roxanna Shores <happytrailsranch1018@...>

Hello friends. I am also new to your group and let me
just thank you for being here. I found you a week or
two ago..and I took some time to read all the emails
and most of your files. I have been totally blown away
and felt like I was drowning in all the information.
It wasn't until yesterday I got a grip of myself. I
think I am beginning to swim now. I have copied off
the Case study form and I am filling it out. I am
resending my hay to be retested for all minerals etc.
(I only tested for ESC (result 6.5) and Starch (result
.4) last month), and I am meeting with my vet this
coming week to do the additional blood tests (did
some tests on 12/18/07 like Cortisol (6.5 result),
Insulin (778 result), glucose (5.9 result),
insulin:glucose ratio (132 result), T4 (0.5 result)
on your Case Study form.

I live in Steamboat Springs Colorado, and was given a
very fat mini/Welsh pony cross (named Blitzen) in
4/06 as a companion for my old thoroughbred. I was
asked to put him on diet, which I did.."a Jane Fonda
work out program" if you will. He lost weight thru
excercise and diet and was doing great, until he
crashed and burned in 4/07, he could not walk....And
no one knew what was wrong with him..he looked great
but he could not walk!!!!...except they said he
foundered..but now I know he did not have any rotation
of his coffin bone....but he did have horrible
laminitis. ( I have xrays)

It was not until December 07, I started to
understand....thru' constant research..He is IR...and
I don't know about the Cushings yet....I put him on
the emergency diet, (7.5lbs of hay measured by fish
scale per day spread out over 3/4 times a day) moved
him to an indoor facility (out of the cold and snow) ,
continued with the 4 week trims, glued on mini
heartbar shoes to temporarily help with the lack of
circulation, did a toe resection to take the pull of
the laminae). He has really come around and is doing
much better...he walks and walks in the indoor
arena.....but I am not stopping here.

I am grateful for all your imput. Tired but grateful.
I look forward to improving Blitzen from here forward
and I also look forward to keeping my other 2
Tennessee Walkers (9 and 10) in very good metabolic
condition. My mare of 30 years crossed over the
Rainbow Bridge last August. Both she and Blitzen are
teaching me about the importance of diet and
excercise..a rare gift at this point in my horsey
career. I will submit my case study as soon as I can,
and I know you will all be there to help.

Thank you so much.

Roxanna Shores

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