Re: Blitzen in Colorado

Mandy Woods

Hi Roxanna,
Welcome to the group. Thats great that you've attacked the files and started the Diet and Trim! Of course you were 'drowning' in all the information! Just like the rest of us when we joined....but it will all click and you'll see fabulous results. Blitzen's insulin number is sky high so you really lucked out with low ESC+Starch hay! Hopefully, you won't need to soak it...but some of us have sensitive horses that still need more sugar removed. Watch his feet for pulses and heat. The case study page is still under construction - Robin said she'd tell us when its hold off there or you'll just frustrate yourself with the Error message.

Until the hoof gurus get here....let me make a comment on the shoes you have on him. I think you'll find that most of the new trimmers (not farriers) are leaning to shoes restrict blood flow. Heartbars are not indicated here. What Blitzen needs are pads and mini boots! You may have to make some out of duct tape for now. I know you can purchase mini boots.

When you schedule your next blood pull for the ACTH(pending on his age)/insulin and glucose, do it early in the week, in a quiet barn. Keep him quiet. Do NOT fast Blitzen. Give him his hay 2-3 hours before the pull.

The DDT'S/E's work. Ask all the questions you like and we'll help.
Mandy and Asher in VA

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