Re: Arnica and its effectiveness, if any

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I use oral Arnica and another one called Traumeel all the time. I like the Arnica 200c for horses it works really well. Around 3 years ago my horse and I both took a nasty fall. I took the traumeel right away and gave it to him as well (trameel has arnica in it as well as other things for tendon recovery, bruising, swelling etc). I worked for both of us and we had little to no swelling or bruising. Traumeel comes in handy after a chiropractic appointment, a long workout or any other physical stress for horse or rider. You can also get the arnica and the traumeel in a topical ointment. A good holistic/supplement store to get it, and the best part is it isn't spendy! My 8 year old grand daughter swears it works when she takes a tumble as well. I keep it in my first aid horse kit and human kit.

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