Re: hay results/more/and correction

briarskingstonnet <briars@...>

Hi Pauline,

I got it tested at Equi-Anaylitical.
Can you send me the report,by any chance?
briars at kingston dot net,no spaces.

Jack is also getting wheaten chaff & speedybeet
So can you figure out how much,by weight,and what that adds to his
hay by way of minerals/vitamins?
And why the wheaten chaff?

> Do I still need to soak with sugar at 8.9%?

That seems like a good number but it depends on Jack.If I remember he
is NOT IR? And doesn't have weight issues?If no issues,then I would
try not soaking,myself.

Would my normal horse benefit from the minerals as well?-
ABSOLUTELY.That's a yes<s>

You adjust the numbers to reflect the amount of hay being fed.

I've privately run what I figured out past the gurus and we're on
track except for the K.*Don't* add potassium as I said before.You've
got enough.


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