Re: Shredded BP

briarskingstonnet <briars@...>

Hi Nikita,

Do I weight it dry or wet?
Always dry weight

How much shredded BP should I give them?
It depends on what you are hoping the beet pulp to add to our
program.Remember hay should be the main part of the diet as long as
that is doable.
Many of us are only feeding beet pulp as a vehicle to get the
minerals into our victims,er I mean,horses.Some people don't use BP
at all for this.In this case we only use as much as is needed to hide
the minerals,whatever that is in your case.
Others use BP as a substantial part of their diet in order to
put/keep weight on a horse,for whatever reason.

Pelleted BP is another altrnative if you can get the Plain,instead of
molassed shredded.I still rinse /soak regardless of what the bag says.


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