Re: Vet Tomorrow-UPDATE!

Kelly Hill

Thank you to everyone's comments and support. I just
wanted to give an update on Poppin and his vet visit
and I have a few questions.

Although terribly lame he showed no response to hoof
testers. Xrays show defect/"fraying" on edge of coffin
bone but doesn't look infected. His coffin bone is too
flat, it is too low in his heel (the only thing I can
actually see in the xrays!). Vet said to soak due to
probably abscess. Two days after the trip to the vet,
he was visibly more sound, happy and flat out saucy.
He has not had any pain medicine since a week ago
Friday. I cannot explain this cycle of dead lame then
ready to rock and roll. He started getting sore again
this past Friday and is pretty tender again today. The
weather this weekend is extremely cold (lows in single
digits F). He is blanketed and legs are wrapped. I
posted his x-rays in the photos section, titled
"Poppin". Hoof gurus, can you please take a peak?

I did not do blood work due to the fact he was
trailered and was not happy about it. I planned on
drawing blood myself tomorrow and my small animal vet
has agreed to process it if anyone thinks it is still

Should I put him back on his J-herb? Should he be on
AAKG? Anything else I am missing?

Thanks again,
Kelly and Poppin

--- "Eleanor Kellon, VMD" <drkellon@...> wrote:

The X-rays and
findings on hoof testers
should tell you a lot more.


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