Re: Question on shoes under equicast?

Abby Nemec

Jax The Wonder Cat wrote:
As I posted before we plan on trying the shoes under the equicast
next time Summer gets trimmed (about 2 weeks). I was wondering if
you have to put any filler under the equicast or should it mold
sufficiently to the bottom of the foot even with the shoe on?
If you're using the sand/sawdust or a sponge of some sort to support the sole of the foot while the cast sets, you will probably not need a filler. It will mold to the bottom of the foot but won't form pressure points because it will shape to the foot you have, and the pressure is determined only by the weight of the horse on the foot. The only time we've seen problems with sole pressure are the very rare horses who have extreme sole sensitivity, and in that case it seems to be "sole contact" that is the issue. The vast majority of horses respond very well to the shape of the "domed" sole you get when you set the cast with sole support. If the horse is standing on full pads within the boots (no cutouts under the forefoot), the cast should work just fine without any padding/cushioning inside the shoe.


Abby Bloxsom

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