Re: Input on Bridies hoof comparisons 05 to 08


Hi all,
I have updated my hoof pictures of Bridie with x-rays and pictures of
Bridie's feet and progress this includes x-rays and hoof picts from
05 to Jan 08. I have organized the picts so you can see the
comparisons from 05 of each set of picts through to 06-07-08. Would
the hoof gurus take a look please and comment. I have a couple
questions for you. Bridie had muliple founders, although the first
founder rotation in the winter/spring of 05th was pretty nasty. The
subsequent rotation in the fall of 06 was not nearly as severe. In
restrospect this was due to a combination of winter laminitis, s/s/
hay below 7% is a must! for her in winter especially I have found.
The lower the better for the fall winter months given the Cushing's
and severity of her I.R. Also stict control of Cushing's via meds. I
think the contributing factors for the set back in the fall/winter of
06 were the previous sustained damage prior to a correct diagnosis
and DDT. The seasonal ACTH rise with the Cushing's and compounding
winter cold lamminitis effect and enhanced I.R. that comes with the
severe cold and seasonal rise in -15 and below temps. Pergolide 1.75
mg Jan 08 reduced after the seasonal high from 2.25mg at her peak in
Oct 07 down to for Dec 07 and now should be good until Aug of 08
based on lab work. Jan her ACTH cam back 6.7 from 3 to 10 range, so
I am happy with that and I kept her between the ideal values with
meds for the fall/winter of 07- 08. At present she seems to be doing
very well and this is the first fall we have had no set backs with
any rotation............Ye ha..... I will not jumpfor joy until May
though. I have a couple questions for the hoof gurus. I noted on the
left sole front hoof by the frog it seems to separated slightly
wondering if any one can comment on this for me. Also right left rear
sole shot on the inside of the hoof it is wider than the out side. I
do not beleive this is correct and requires trimming, am I correct on
this? I guess my farrier is a right handed and on the left rear it
makes it a bit more difficult to trim as even, am I correct? Will
have to keep an eye out for this if I am?


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