Re: When to redraw labs...and some good news, finally on Hope

Mandy Woods

"Cant a girl some sleep around here??? And whats with room service? I notified them hours ago that I was hungry???"

Thursday she wouldn't get up at all, all day, and
when the owners went to bed that night, they figured they were at the
end of the road. They were waked (awoken?) in the middle of the night
to the familiar sound of Hope tossing her feed bin around.
There is no law that says you have to draw labs so soon. If its to see where your pergolide dose is - - 4 weeks is enough to get her ACTH numbers up. IF its to see where her insulin number is - - physical symptoms can tell you feeling better! back to her ole' fiesty self! Some people test every 6 months, some every year. We understand the economics of this....not everyone can afford to do everything that is recommended by the list. Follow Hope's lead. If the owners are willing and able, it would be great for Hope to see where she's at after her baseline and to develope a relationship with the new vet. I hope the new one is a keeper.
Mandy and Asher in VA

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