Re: When to redraw labs...and some good news, finally on Hope

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"Cant a girl some sleep around here??? And whats with room service? I
notified them hours ago that I was hungry???"

the list. Follow Hope's lead. If the owners are willing and able,
it would
be great for Hope to see where she's at after her baseline and to
develope a
relationship with the new vet. I hope the new one is a keeper.
Mandy and Asher in VA
Yeah - she wanted room service and it was 7 degrees outside (which is
cold for us desert folk). Hope's ACTH was normal, so it's IR that
she's dealing with. I do know that the owners feel without a safety
net without a current relationship with a vet, so that might be the
main reason. I will let them know...I also think we might have an
avenue through a small animal vet to get labs spun and sent off.

Thanks -


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