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...start work again? With his all new ODBTC/flax/salt/vit E diet and
J-herb, Toby has stopped having a pulse and heat in his feet. YEAH!
The pony has no rotation and is now sound enough to trot and canter
on hard ground, the farrier is coming tomorrow for his trim.

Hi Helene,
.....I would be asking your ferrier about the condition of Tobys hoofs
prior to riding tomorrow. If your vet states a month I would not ride
until he has checked Toby and both the vet and the ferrier state they
think it is safe to do so and then start with walking if you get the go
ahead. Does Toby have stretch white line? With heat and pulses not so
lomg ago then I would summize he has some hoof issues and require some
healing time. You might also consider posting picts of Toby's hoofs for
the hoof gurus to purus first as another option prior to riding. Not
sure of the history with Toby but I would be cautious given he was
sore.It can takes months to well over a year depending on how much
damage was sustained and what the DDT your horse is on. I realize he is
playing and seems to be fine, but there is different when weight is
applied on his back and when some one is telling him to go. When he is
on his own if it hurts he can stop doing what ever he is doing. I would
also consider hand walking and utilizing ground rules and games while
you wait for the o.k. even then I would be very cautious.

My vet said to wait a month but that's a long time! what do you all
...It is not long many have to wait ate least a full hoof growth. The
norm is a year or so, depending on the damage and growth rate.
how long do you give J-herb, weeks, months, forever?
.....Not sure what your situation is at the moment and this is very
indvidualize on every equines situation, although the DDT'S have to be
in place at all times. Can you supply details so we may better advise
you on this. I am very glad to here Toby is doing so well. Sounds like
it will not be to long now.

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