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My horse Dandy has been positively diagnosed as IR.
Was he check for Cushing's also the ACTH test what were the I.R.

He has been on the emergency diet since the beginning of Decemeber.
...Hi Stacey,
What is his body score? You should feed 1.5% or up to 2% of ideal
body weight. You can buy fish scales from Wal-Mart to weigh hay. Have
you had your hay tested? If the hay is high s/s/ soaking will help,
but may not reduce enough for you I.R horse. Can you purchase the low
s/s/ feeds or supplement with some of these feeds or increase the
r/s/r/ beet pulp and less of the hay for now. Low s/s feeds are
listed in the files section while you wait for your hay results to
come back. Yes, if you mineral balance with low enough s/s/ hay and
feed correct amounts this should help significantly with the weight
plateau issue and the balanced minerals to feeding program will help.
You need to tighten on the diet for sure. What about his foot wear?
and trim? Have you posted picts for the hoof gurus?

This has consisted of soaked Timothy hay (late cutting);
Lost some weight initially, but has plateu'd and still needs to lose
more. Will the additional weight come off when I mineral balance his
...You need to address diet and amount feed not just mineral
balancing. It has to be a combined package for optimum results.

I am getting my barn filled tomorrow, then will get the hay
....Is this the same hay you are feeding? I hope the hay will be low
enough s/s/ to feed on testing.
Also, he is slightly off, not much - but I see it - on the
left front. There is also a strong pulse, not a bounding out of
control pulse, but a noticeable one nonetheless.
Well if pulses then I suspect an issue. Is this only in one foot or

I ran out of LaminaeSaver a couple days ago Is the returning pulse
due to that change? Does this happen during recovery?
...This depends on many factors. If it is an abscess YES with DDT
correct and controlled I.R/Cushing's. Otherwise I would be concerned.

The farrier has been coming and filing his feet every 2-3 weeks to
keep his toe short, heels short and foot where it needs to be.
..This is good! Can you post current picts of trim for the hoof gurus?
We have x- rays scheduled again for Feb 4.I assume the pulse means
that there is inflamation.
...Yes, could be also abscess or uncontrolled I.R. many options at
this point. You need to tighten that diet. I would get the hay tested
for sure, increase beet pulp rinsed soaked rinsed until clean and
supplement and reduce hay. You can supplement up to 50% of beet pulp
with hay for the interim until you can get hold of low s/s/ hay/feed
fewer than 10% for sure. I would consider cinnamon if his glucose was
high on the I.R blood work. When you have implemented this I would
consider the AAKG and J-herb. You need to address the other issues
first DDT.a consult with Dr. K is also an option. Just fire away with
your questions as the case histories are not working at present.

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