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Can you send me the report,by any chance?
briars at kingston dot net,no spaces.
Hi Lorna
I have sent you the full results that got sent to me

Jack is also getting wheaten chaff & speedybeet
So can you figure out how much,by weight,and what that adds to his
hay by way of minerals/vitamins?
And why the wheaten chaff?
Wheaten chaff 200gms twice daily & speedybeet 45gm(dry) & 628gm (wet)
twice daily.I use wheaten chaff as it is what I call "diet chaff"-
just the stalk chopped up- no head & as he is not in work he doesn't
require oats/oaten chaff. Not a clue about what that adds.
He is also on a blend of herbs that I tweak from time to time- I will
suss out what mineral they contain.

> Do I still need to soak with sugar at 8.9%?
That seems like a good number but it depends on Jack.If I
remember he
is NOT IR? And doesn't have weight issues?If no issues,then I would
try not soaking,myself.
Correct, Jack is not IR & am happy with his weight- at the moment
approx 200kg-
a big yeah for not soaking- my plants/vegie garden thrived on the
sugar water- but they will have to get over it... or die
But does that also mean that if he started to have a weight issue. ie
too much,that I would have to start soaking again- even with 8.9%?

Also, just how important is it to add the minerals? as he is a "free
range" pony- ie access to what I consider "reasonabaly" safe paddocks-
approx 2 acres & I don't know what my paddocks/grass(or lack of at
this stage) etc contains mineral wise.
My main aim was to sort out ESC, & soaking issue but am happy to
tweak where necessary.

Thank you again for your time & input
Pauline & Jack


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