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Jack is also getting wheaten chaff & speedybeet
Wheaten chaff 200gms twice daily & speedybeet 45gm(dry) & 628gm
(wet) twice daily.I use wheaten chaff as it is what I call "diet

....Lorna I have jumped in here but.....I will let you do the hard
work :-) mineral balancing. The chaff is chopped up hay base and is
from wheat or you can do oats from what I remember, they do have some
small heads in them with the oats. Jack is only having a small amount
of wheat right Pauline? And he is not I.R only Cushing's? You would
have to have the mineral analysis of the wheat chaff or drop it
altogether and just feed the hay that you have had analysed and the
beet, mix minerals in the beet pulp. If I remember the hay analysis
was on the low end for protein. You might want to consider upping the
protein level with some split peas.
He is also on a blend of herbs that I tweak from time to time- I
will suss out what mineral they contain.

What are the herbs for?

Do I still need to soak with sugar at 8.9%?
..... Not if he is not I.R. this should be fine
But does that also mean that if he started to have a weight issue.
ie too much,that I would have to start soaking again- even with 8.9%?
...If he starts to have weight issue you can feed at 1.5% of ideal
body weight, if he still has issues you might want to consider
soaking hay even if not I.R. or consider testing for I.R later if he
has fat pads or weight issues.
Also, just how important is it to add the minerals? as he is
a "free range" pony- ie access to what I consider "reasonabaly" safe
paddocks- approx 2 acres & I don't know what my paddocks/grass(or
lack of at this stage) etc contains mineral wise.
The balanced mineral is very important. The simplest is to put him in
a sealed grazing muzzle and just feed the hay with the minerals for a
complete balanced diet to his benefit and Pergolide for the
Cushing's. The problem with the grass is that the ESC varies with
conditions and growth stage and types of grass, seasons ect. I do not
know how much he is getting from the paddock grass versus the hay but
if both, then he would not have a balanced diet. This could also
contribute to weight gain. Have you checked out
excellent reading.

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