Re: Input on Bridies hoof comparisons 05 to 08

Ute <ute@...>

left sole front hoof by the frog it seems to separated slightly
wondering if any one can comment on this for me. >
I do not really see this in the latest picture. Can you post one that
shows it more clearly?

Also right left rear
sole shot on the inside of the hoof it is wider than the out side.
I do not beleive this is correct and requires trimming.>

This cannot be corrected by trimming, unless an unbalanced trim is
causing this flaring on the lateral side of both hooves. This comes
from how your horse steps behind. Most horses have a slightly toed
out conformation behind which helps them clear the front, but it also
causes the horse to step more on the inside edge of the hooves first
and then on the outside edge. This means that the inside generally
wears more, while the outside flares more. As long as the hooves are
trimmed balanced, the horse should be fine. The fronts appear to be
doing the same thing by the way.

What I do not like to see is the fact that these hooves still look to
high in the heels to me and may also not be completely balanced from
side to side. It is difficult to determine though because there are
no shots looking straight down at the heels with the foot up.

The fronts are also still much too contracted, which usually comes
with high heels as well. Leaving the heels high will foster heel
contraction over time.


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