Re: how did you know your horse had Cushings?

Sandra Su

At 5:28 PM +0000 1/22/08, EquineCushings@... wrote:
I currently board her and am nervous that trying to have a boarding
facility balance/regulate her medicine and food is going to be a
I board my horse, Penny, and what I found works well is to
specify just how much feed you want the horse to get. You weigh it,
then provide a measuring cup or something of the sort with a mark
where they should fill the feed to. Use indelible marker for the mark
and to write your horse's name on the cup. Leave the cup in the
opened bag of feed.
Then with any supplements and medications, combine each
meal's worth of dry ingredients in a baggie and just tell the
boarding barn to dump one baggie in every meal. All you need to do
is be sure the barn has enough supplement baggies so they don't run
Beware, though, that pergolide must be kept at room
temperature, so if the barn is too cold now or too hot in summer, the
barn owner may have to keep the pergolide in the house and bring it
out to the barn to give it to your horse. Pills or capsules are
probably the easiest form for someone else to give. Just put a pill
in the feed. I think the capsules may be more appetizing than the
pills, and their shelf life is a lot longer than the liquid, so
that's probably your best bet.
This leaves the hay. If they won't weigh the hay, you'll have
to approximate by telling them how many flakes after you weigh
several and take an average.
It's not perfect, but it may be the best you can do. Good luck.

Sandy Su

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