Re: Taf's lunch

Maryse Shank <maryseshank@...>

He gets all the burmuda grass he wants, 1 flake of Timothy in the AM
prior to our rides, 1 pound BP,2oz's rice bran,6 oz's flax all mixed in
with his minerals. I've noticed a change in his energy since I cut the
rice bran from 1 pound to 2 oz's. I did add the BP at the time I
reduced the rice bran and am hoping this will give him the replaced
energy from the rice bran, but so far hasn't worked. I also bought
some Safe Choice but haven't seen any noticeable levels of energy from
it either. It's a tricky balancing act for a working/competition

Is it always important to balance the Omega 3 & 6's?
I can't add any grains and try to limit the Timothy he gets to one
flake. The energy is important for the dressage work.

>>>>>>>>The most significant source of energy for ANY horse is the
fermentable fibre in forage/fibre. 2 ounces of rice bran is having
very very little impact on his energy....use more beet pulp.
What else is he eating?

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