Re: stubborn pony and pergolide

Joan and Dazzle

Dazzle was sure I was trying to poison her with the pergolide that I
had. It was a powder in a scoop. I finally got a prescription from
my vet and bought the capsules from Ian. She was sure they were
poison. She wouldn't eat them.

Fianlly, I pulled the capsule apart and put part of the meds in the
lid of the capsule. I let her smell both parts, then, I put one part
in her mouth. In the beginning she tried to spit it out. After she
swallowed, I'd do the other part.

Well, wouldn't you know! After almost two months of this, she no
longer tries to spit it out. She actually likes the taste.

But boy did we have a time getting to this point!

I'm thrilled that I changed and at least this part isn't a fight
every day.

Joan and Dazzle

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Nancy, He's a typically smart pony, isn't he <G>.

Keep up the good work, this WILL get easier!

Lavinia, Georg and Nappi

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