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I don't see that the recent pictures have retained sole. Quite to
the contrary. I see inflammatory sole (that hard, waxy kind) but it
is definitely not thick enough to begin to slough, as best as I can
see from these pictures. Again, having the history is useful for
........This is exactly right. I noted how the waxy look of this on
her soles but did not understand why, now I do.

however the heels on these feet have been high all along, since the
shoes were on. In late 06, the frogs were actually looking pretty
good, and the sole was exfoliating.
.....Yes and these were trimed to xrays religously. Those heels of
hers can be very deceptive with her feet and here lies the
experience, history.

Shoes aren't the cause of the contraction because they were removed
more than 2 years ago.
Yes.. you can see how her foot has reduced in size. I have the
comaprisons on photos and the difference barefoot/ boots over the
last couple years and how Bridie has contracted barefoot from the
last founder a year ago when this was not an issue.

Contraction can be caused by any hoof pain that causes the horse to
fail to weight the foot fully. Since the only clear change in trim
approach from late 06 to now has been aggressive trimming of the
sole *without a change in heel height*, I'm still going to say that
I think it's the sole.

I agree, given all the evidence and facts combined with what I know
that has transpired over the years with the trims ect with Bridie,
this makes perfect sense.

The depths of the collateral grooves will tell you how much sole
there really is under P3

Yes they can, and I do so all the time - BUT they must be
interpreted with caution in a horse with risk factors for
abscessing, since subsolar abscessing can alter the outside
appearance of the solar architecture, sometimes dramatically. Using
them to measure sole thickness can be useful, but using them to
balance a foot can be risky.

...Yes again as Bridie had many, many issues with these subsolar
Hang out with us for a while and you'll begin to see how common
abscesses are in this sort of rehab.
...Is this not the truth..... time will tell and if we are all wrong,
then we will learn some more.

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