Re: Nutritional supplement for Penny

Nancy C

I gotta come in on this one more time.

Sandy, no one is advocating that you starve Penny. When you get your second wind, I'm
sure you'll see that.

I agree with Joan and Amberlee. Penny's got you and the barn manager extremely well

Two more suggestions:

Mix up the supps ahead of time with soaked BP and/or ODTB and/or very wet Carb Guard
and keep several days worth in bags for the barn manger. If there is no fridge at the barn,
or the owner won't let you invest in a small one for storage, keep the premixed bags in a
cooler. This has worked for several folks.

The last two months of Horse Journal (December and February) have a great overview of
OTC supps and what's in them. Only a few are good for IR/Cushings horses, as I recall.
But you could take a look, see how it matches your hay profile and perhaps then add what
additional you need to tweak it.

Of course there is no guarantee she'll eat the OTC stuff either.

The topic could go OT if it got into training issues.

Nancy C and Beau and Gabe in NH

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