Lab tests

Deb Platt

My 5 year old percheronX started with a mild case of laminitis about a month ago. We cut out all grain & supplements and are soaking his hay, started him on the J herb and had x rays done (no rotation and no sinking) and his insulin level drawn. It came back higher than our vet had ever seen (from IDEXX lab - over 2000 - I have not gotten copies yet). He is doing better but still tender on his left front hoof. And we also have our farrier trimming to the xrays. Even had a equine chiropractor out to adjust the boy.

QUESTION - we are having blood drawn again on Friday, other than another insulin test - what else should we have done? Glucose? Thyroid?

We have not had the hay tested yet and I know that is the next step.

And Thank you to all on the list - your knowledge and experiences has taught me a lot , and hopefully have become a better custodian for our horses.

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