Insulin/Glucose Panel


I realize everyone's been quite busy which has been the reason for a
little delay regarding my question on blood draws and the case
history update. I had one of those lucky moments today with an
unplanned conversation with a new vet. To sum it up I asked if she
felt that IR and Cushings were different or the same and brought up
my Insulin/Glucose test confusion. She was a graduate of University
of MO and said they made sure to drum all this into her head. She
picked the lab that follows the correct parameters. She draws the
blood and takes it right back to the office where her staff have
specific instructions on how to handle the tubes for Insulin Panel
and/or ACTH. I explained to this vet what was tested in each vial,
grey and red, as I posted it here and she just said "huh?"

I mentioned that Luke doesn't fit the profile and test done 3-years
ago was for a baseline. She remarked that it's not that unusual and
what she recommends is to get both the Insulin Panel and ACTH to
check for early Cushings when the owner feels something is not quite
right and you don't see the signs.

This certainly clears up confusion caused when I first posted the
case history on Luke. The clinic I have been using, uses the Insulin
test as their basis for diagnosing Cushings. IR, Cushings are one in
the same. Their thought is that in some Cushing horses, they see a
insulin rise in the winter. Now that I've dug into this from behind
the scenes, I'm using the wrong outfit!

I did get the fax today and
T3 35 range 40-80 ng/dl

WBC 5.9 range 6.1 –11.8 x10?
RBC 5.9 range 8.5-11.8 x10?
Hgb 10.4 range 11.0-16 g/dl
Hct 30.1 range 32-46%

One of my original questions was regarding the correlation of anemia
and iron overload. Now that I look at this, it seems he may have
something else going on. Which brings me back to one of my original
questions. The way this bloodwork was handled for these tests, what
part if any, is any good? Seeing that the Insulin/Glucose will have
to be redone by the other vet, should I do the ACTH at this time of
the year or should I just wait until summer and get both?

Thanks for your patience in my confusion,

Looks like a vet will get a call in the morning questioning the Hgb
and Hct.

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