Jacks blood results( a little long)

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Hello everyone

I have got some of Jacks blood results back & I would appreciate some
help in understanding.

The test results read as sent:

General Biochemistry: Specimen: Serum
Trig: 0.9mmol/L (0.1-0.9)

* Preserved Glucose (FLOX) 7.8 mmol/L (3.3-6.7)

SERUM INDICES (Clear/+/++/+++)
Icterus index clear
Lipaemia index clear
Haemolysis index clear

mild Hyperglycaemia is likey stress induced ( I would agree- it took
me nearly an hour to get a sample on my own as he kept on moving just
at the wrong time-therefore what was supposed to be 2 hrs after a
feed, became 3 hrs)

- Total Thyroxine (T4) 9.6 nmol.L (15.0-74.0)


Low T4 in equines can suggest hypothyroidism: this is poorly
characterised in adult horses, but a congenital form is recognised in
foals. Low T4 may also be seen with non-thyroidal illness,
administration of phenylbutazone or corticosteriods, diets high in
energy,protein,zinc or copper or diets low in iodine,fasting or
ingestion of endophyte-infected pastures.

Any thoughts?

Jack is not on bute or steroids, I don't believe his diet is an issue-
I think I've got that under control after the help I have had from
the list- fasting? He was not locked up/has access to 3 acres-
stubble -not much- more dust than stubble/not green/ at night- low
This is the 1st time Jack has been tested & this is the protocol that
I intend to keep for any repeat bloods/ apart from getting help next
I will google endophyte to see what that is unless someone beats me
to it
Many Thanks
Pauline & Jack

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