Toddy update on feed


Toddy got worse and meanwhile I emailed the feed company to ask what
the ESC was. The company took forever to reply and Toddy really
needed something changing so I went ahead and puther onto Spillers
Happy Hoof and High Fibre Cubes and Molasses-free sugar beet. I
removed any other feed including the soaked oat hay. It is too soon
to say if it is helping her but I just received the response from the
feed company, saying that they do not test for ESC but the WSC is
12%. The the bag states starch at 10%. Does this mean that this is a
LITTLE bit high, or EXTREMELY high for her. I know it is not ideal,
but is it better than what she was on which caused her to become ill?
(soaked oat hay, 1 small feed of rinsed sugar beet + flax etc) Please
reply! Thank you
Soraya & Toddy

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