Re: Jacks blood results( a little long)

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

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General Biochemistry: Specimen: Serum
Trig: 0.9mmol/L (0.1-0.9)

- Total Thyroxine (T4) 9.6 nmol.L (15.0-74.0)
A 7.8 (140) is more than a mild elevation, but the stress could
certainly do that. Upper end triglycerides is seen in IR. The stress
*might* also explain the T4 via the blood sugar. Meals that cause a
rise a blood sugar cause a drop in T4 in horses. Also, I never
published this but back when I was at New Bolton and looking at
thyroid hormone in racehorses that tie up, ACTH was a popular prerace
drug. I did an ACTH stimulation test on 10 horses and they all showed
depressed T4 levels for 24 hours after a single ACTH surge.

Do you have an insulin?


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