Re: Insulin/Glucose Panel

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

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I did get the fax today and
T3 35 range 40-80 ng/dl
This is a relatively small decrease, within the lower range for some
labs. Could be mild "euthyroid sick syndrome".

WBC 5.9 range 6.1 –11.8 x10?
Some suppression in white cell count is common with Cushing's. May
also see high neutrophil percentage, low lymphocytes (normal is in
the range of 50:50)

RBC 5.9 range 8.5-11.8 x10?
Is that a typo by any chance? What were the MCV and MCHC? This
number doesn't fit with the hemoglobin and hematocrit.

Hgb 10.4 range 11.0-16 g/dl
Hct 30.1 range 32-46%
Mild depressions again common with Cushing's, but also common in
older horses in general. I wouldn't worry about those levels.

Which brings me back to one of my original
questions. The way this bloodwork was handled for these tests, what
part if any, is any good?
How was it handled?

Seeing that the Insulin/Glucose will have
to be redone by the other vet, should I do the ACTH at this time of
the year or should I just wait until summer and get both?
You can do them now, although if your weather is still cold might
want to wait until it warms up to over 40.


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