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goodnewfgril <ralf.jansen@...>

If she's sweating under that coat (and it looks like she is),
then the coat is doing her no good as insulation against the cold
anyway. A horse that you might have to blanket when the temps dip is
better than a wet horse
Question: my situation is that, my horses are turned out 24/7. I
am an "old school" gak, who believes that messing with Gods gift of
a coat to them by cutting and blanketing is backwards.

That being said, I DOhave waterproof turnouts for them, as, I also
understand wet and cold is bad. We do have a shelter and Wookie is
one of the only horses sensible enough to go in out of the
elements. Her coat was extra curly in the pics that day as we had
had a bit of wet snow. Her coat seems to keep her dryer than the
short coated horses. What do you all think about Keeping/ losing
the coat... of course in spring it will be different??


Angie J

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