Re: Foot sore again? (Was Warming Hooves)

Joan and Dazzle

Hi Kris,

I was thinking this exact same thing and wondering what you guys do
who have wet, nasty weather.

I live in Southern California. In the evenings, after work, I take
Dazzle for a walk. It doesn't get very muddy here. But a couple of
weeks ago, it was muddy. Her hooves got wet and and muddy.

After our walk, I use a PEMF blanket on her. I put her in the area,
add the blanket, then go about my chores.

When I put her in the area where she gets her treatment, I cleaned
her hooves and noticed that they felt cold and were wet. The
temperature outside was about 54 degrees. When I came back to check
on her, they were warm and dry.

I couldn't help but think about the heat loss with wet hooves and
wondered if it was related to the ambient temperature. I wonder if
hooves are like me - when I get wet at 48 degrees, I'm a whole lot
colder than if I'm dry at 48 degrees.

Then, that leads to even more questions. Does hoof perfusion change
with temperature?

Boy, I can be really dangerous when I start to think. I can come up
with more questions than a kid!

Joan and Dazzle

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When it turned cold here (Ohio) I put socks, plastic bags, and
on her when she went outside but it wasn't enough. I found that
needs her hooves bundled up & kept warm & dry even while in the
Our current painful reminder during milder temperatures is that
moisture/water can be just as harmful to these guys who have
laminitis/white line disease.

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