Re: Foot sore again? (Was Warming Hooves)

Mary Gingerich <m_gingerich@...>

I use padded bell boots inside simple boots to help with rubbing. I found that this combination also works well to retain warmth and to keep out snow. Boas are one of the few boots I do not have so I don't know if that would work with them. Simple boots have drain holes, but they also let water in. I use easycare pads inside the boots which help for warmth and keep the foot raised off the bottom which sometimes gets wet. This year I am using polos instead of shipping boots for warmth. Sometimes I wrap them down over the top of the boots. That also helps to keep out snow and retain warmth. I also made socks out of a polar fleece blanket. Perhaps you could make socks out of a waterproof material like gortex.

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