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Cindy McGinley

"Mandy Woods" <bittersweetfarm@...> wrote:

Does Alf sweat on pergolide during the winter months? Is his dose enough?
Mandy and Asher in VA

Yes, when the temps get in the 40s (and they frequently do) *and* he has his full coat, he sweats in the neck and chest areas, and yes, he is well-controlled on his 1 mg. dose of Pergolide.

It is just much easier to keep him clipped. When he is clipped, he does not sweat at all. Easier to groom him and keep him clean and dry, easier to just blanket him when it dips toward single digits. He does fine without any blanket even when clipped if the temps range from about 20 degrees upward, unless it's a cold rain, of course.

- Cindy and Alf

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