Re: NEW LOW STARCH FEED...Dr. this worth trying

n rand <nantomluna@...>

I forwarded on the comments re:the feed (without attribution) to Brian Lamb, the developer of the feed. He has worked with two nutritionist in the development of the feed.

This is a brand new feed, still really being tinkered with. He has had it custom milled. Originally it was developed as a grain replacement for his growing horses. For them it was meant to be balanced with a "balancer" also developed by the company which was similar to Grow-N-Win. It then became of interest to owners of IR and Cushngs horses and a number of those horses are currently on the feed (with a balancer) and doing well . Fortification of the feed for older horses is meant to be different than for growing babies.

Brian would like to comment to the group re: questions in the letters. He is really trying to produce a high quality feed and welcomes questions, comments and suggestions.

I will forward his reply to the group.


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