Re: Foot sore again? (Was Warming Hooves)

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

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I couldn't help but think about the heat loss with wet hooves and
wondered if it was related to the ambient temperature. I wonder if
hooves are like me - when I get wet at 48 degrees, I'm a whole lot
colder than if I'm dry at 48 degrees.

Then, that leads to even more questions. Does hoof perfusion change
with temperature?

Boy, I can be really dangerous when I start to think. I can come up
with more questions than a kid!
That's OK. We're used to you!

Absolutely right that cold and wet is worse than just cold. Heat is
transferred to water very easily.

Hoof perfusion does change with temperature too. Blood is shunted
away from the periphery when it's cold by opening arteriovenous
shunts inside the hoof. Angela had her vet do a thermographic study
of two of her horses 2 winters ago. Compared to a horse with a less
extensive laminitis history, under the same conditions they found a
dramatic drop in her hoof temperatures after 20 minutes in a 40
degree room without her feet being bundled up.


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