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feed company, saying that they do not test for ESC but the
WSC is
12%. The the bag states starch at 10%. Does this mean that this
is a
LITTLE bit high, or EXTREMELY high for her.
Ask them to give you figures for WSC, ESC and starch. They've
come back and said that they don't test for ESC so change the
a bit and ask them for WSC, sugar and starch. If they still say
don't test for sugar (?) then ask for the starch figure.

Depending on how you twist the math, it could be as high as 22%
sugar/starch (WSC+starch)* or maybe "starch" means (to them) simple
sugars (ESC) + starch. Either way, you need to know.

[*warning* before this starts a flurry of emails "I thought we add
+ starch!" We do, this is just to illustrate a point]

Kathleen (KFG in KCMO)
Hello Kathleen and thank you for answering me.
My question really was that: Does WSC=12% mean that you take that and
add it to the 10%starch declared on the bag = 22%? Or does it mean a
total of 12%? I have emailed the company but I was hoping that
somebody here might know the answer as it can take a long time to get
and response from the company and meanwhile Toddy is eating this
feed. And she is not well.
If it is no good (22%)I have no idea what to try next. When you
say 'this is just to illustrate a point', it is a very serious point
for Toddy! Please if anyone can shed some light on this, or recomend
any 'safe' feed (not hay) available in Europe, please post.
Thank you

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